7 Early Signs Of A Highly Compatible Relationship

7 Early Signs Of A Highly Compatible Relationship

Emotional and mental compatibility are two things that add that much-needed magical touch to a romantic relationship. Fortunately, a person can easily observe, in the early days of a relationship, whether these two factors are present or not. You don’t need to be with someone for years to build compatibility because if it’s not there on day 1, it won’t happen even on day 1000. 

Yes, you two might share the same interests, hobbies, likes, and dislikes but even these things alone don’t make you two a compatible couple. In fact, love gurus say that diversity in perspectives and ideas is something that enhances a relationship only if two people know how to work around those differences.

So before you fall deeper into a relationship with your new love interest, go through these 7 early signs of a highly compatible relationship. These quick points will give you a clearer approach to whether you should put any extra effort and emotion into this newly forming relationship or if would it be all a total waste in the end. 

The first and foremost obvious sign of a compatible relationship is that you two share the same interests and values. Psychologists say that living with such a person who likes similar things that we like is quite easy and requires much less effort. For example, if you two love movies or books of the same genre, both would enjoy the time spent together. 

Likewise, if you both are introverts, no one would have to pull himself out of his comfort zone just to stick around. 

Besides interests, when your backgrounds, experiences, and values towards money, family, friends, etc. correlate, making significant decisions in life becomes easier which in turn helps you enjoy your strong and enduring bond further. 

When two people share a lot of things in common, they never get out of words. Updating each other about their everyday affairs and having in-depth meaningful conversations foster a higher level of emotional intimacy in the relationship. 

So, if you and your partner don’t hesitate to express feelings, explain everything to each other with utmost transparency & honesty, without the fear of being judged, and even enjoy all kinds of conversations, that show that you and your partner are compatible. 

Does your partner accept you as you are? Or do you like him with all his flaws and weaknesses? If the answer is no, odds are things won’t last between you for long. Initially, you two might try to adjust to these flaws but as time goes by, you’ll start feeling ashamed or offended by such behaviors and thus, lose interest. 

Remember that a compatible relationship is one that allows both to be themselves, without altering even a single detail about their personalities. When you can stay with your partner without pretending to be anyone else, it means you are in a compatible relationship. 

How can you stay happy with a person whom you don’t trust for his words? Likewise, if your partner is always doubtful about your whereabouts and monitors your social media activities, you’ll eventually start feeling suffocated. 

Remember that you only doubt someone’s words, actions, and feelings when you don’t have enough trust and confidence in his personality. Such kinds of relationships cannot be called compatible, let alone healthy, at all and would eventually have to face a drastic fall, sooner or later. 

Similarly, the lack of trust will never let you two be completely open to one another. Instead, you’d start having secrets which will make your relationship even worse to stay in. 

Even if you and your partner are 100% compatible, there will be small quarrels, disagreements, disputes, and arguments which is quite a normal thing. The thing that makes your relationship compatible is how willing you and your partner are to resolve that conflict. 

A mature and compatible partner never lets the conflict escalate to enormous heights and doesn’t even hesitate to put his ego aside for the sake of love. Instead of playing blame games, he prefers fruitful discussions to understand your perspective and find a solution. 

He doesn’t involve a third person in the matter, unless it’s someone professional, respecting the privacy you both shared in a relationship. If you two share the same level of willingness to work things out, you are compatible. 

People with an anxious attachment style believe that there’s no concept of personal space when you are in a relationship with someone but that’s not the case. It doesn’t matter how much you two enjoy each other’s company, you need some time solely for yourself in which you could work on your passions, blow off steam, and spend time with unmutual friends and family. 

So one of the earliest signs of compatibility is being comfortable with each other’s personal space. If you are okay with staying away when your partner needs some me-time and vice versa, it indicates a foundation for a mature and compatible relationship. 

It’s not about how you behave in love but how you behave in a fight. Even during arguments and fights, compatible partners don’t say mean or disrespectful things to each other. Instead of pulling each other down, they prefer to either stay silent or explain their perspectives with respect. 

Even when you find the beliefs and decisions of another person wrong, you try to understand them instead of demanding them to understand you. Remember that the fight ends but what you say during the fight stays and that’s why we say that relationship compatibility originates from a deep sense of concrete trust and mutual respect.