Fantasy Pick up Lines

64+ Fantasy Pick up Lines

In the realm of dating and flirtation, what could be more enchanting than a touch of fantasy? Whether you’re a wizard, warrior, fairy, or mythical creature enthusiast, fantasy-themed pick-up lines offer a whimsical escape into worlds where magic is real and love knows no bounds. Perfect for comic cons, fantasy book clubs, online gaming, or just adding a spark of imagination to your conversations, these lines are your portal to a heart filled with wonder. Let’s embark on a quest through a collection of fantasy pick-up lines, carefully conjured to captivate the heart of your desired adventurer or enchantress.

Our choice for “Fantasy Pick up Lines”.

Are you a spellbook? Because every time I open you up, I discover something magical.

If you were a potion, you’d be a Love Draught, because I’m completely bewitched by you.

Is your heart guarded by a dragon? Because I’m brave enough to venture for your love.

Are we in an enchanted forest? Because I’m totally lost in your eyes.

Do you have a map of Middle Earth? Because I’d journey to Mordor and back for you.

Is your name Ariel? Because I’d trade my voice just to have a moment with you.

Are you a member of the Night’s Watch? Because I feel a vow coming on to never leave your side.

Do you wield Excalibur? Because you’ve certainly pierced my heart.

Are you a phoenix? Because being with you feels like a rebirth of my soul.

If I were a wizard, I’d conjure up every star in the sky just to light up your world.

Are you a succubus? Because you’ve seduced me without even trying.

If I told you I was a vampire, would you let me bite?

Is your armor enchanted? Because I’m definitely feeling a strong attraction.

Are we in the realm of the fae? Because I’m spellbound by your beauty.

Do you have a genie inside you? Because I’ve got a few wishes I’d like to rub out.

I must be a paladin, and you must be a quest because I want to take you on all night.

Are you a witch? Because you’ve cast a lust spell on me.

Is that a magic wand in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Do you believe in magic? Because whenever I look at you, everyone else disappears.

In a universe full of mortals, you’re my eternal fairy tale.

Are you a fallen star? Because you’ve made my darkest nights bright.

If I were a knight, I’d fight any battle just to win your heart.

You must be a wizard because you’ve enchanted my heart without even casting a spell.

In the book of my life, you’re the most magical chapter.

Are you a grimoire? Because every word from you is a spell I want to cherish.

If love was an adventure, I’d explore every inch of your world.

Are you a moon goddess? Because you control the tides of my heart.

In the realm of love, you are the rarest artifact, priceless and sought after.

Are you a fire mage? Because you’ve ignited a spark in my heart.

Do you have a familiar? Because I’m bewitched by you.

If you were a spell, you’d be Accio, because you’ve summoned my heart.

I must be an adventurer because I’ve discovered the treasure right in front of me – you.

Are you a magic mirror? Because I see my soulmate in you.

If we were in a fairy tale, you’d be the happy ending I’ve always wished for.

Did you just cast a lighting spell? Because you’ve electrified my heart.

Are you a Lich? Because you’ve got my heart under lock and key.

Do you know any healing spells? Because you’ve just healed my broken heart.

Are you a dwarf? Because you’ve mined your way straight to my heart.

Do you speak Parseltongue? Because you make my serpent dance.

Are you a hobbit? Because I’m thinking about getting into something small and hairy.

Did you just use a shrink spell? Because my heart feels too big for my chest now.

Are you a troll? Because you’ve just bridged the gap to my heart.

Is this Hogwarts? Because I swear we’ve had potions together.

Do you have the One Ring? Because I’m invisible to everyone but you.

Are you a goblin? Because you’ve stolen my heart without me noticing.

Did you just perform a summoning ritual? Because here I am.

In a world of ordinary humans, you shine like an elven queen.

Your eyes are like the deepest magic, mysterious and alluring.

You have the grace of a wood nymph and the beauty of a celestial being.

Like a legendary artifact, your value is beyond compare.

You’re not just a fantasy; you’re my reality and my dream.

Your voice is more captivating than the song of a siren.

In the tapestry of life, you are the golden thread.

You possess the wisdom of a druid and the strength of a warrior.

Your beauty could inspire the most breathtaking of elven ballads.

If you were a spell, you’d be the one that summons true love, because that’s what I feel with you.

Are you a dragon? Because you’ve set my heart aflame.

Did we just share a potion? Because I feel intoxicated by your love.

Are you a wizard? Because every time we touch, magic happens.

Is your heart a relic? Because I’ve embarked on a quest to find it.

Do you wield magic? Because you’ve enchanted me completely.

Are you a fairy? Because you’ve sprinkled your magic dust on me, and now I’m in love.

If I could choose my adventure, it would be the journey to your heart.

Are you from a fantasy world? Because you’ve made my dreams come true.

Embarking on the quest for love can often feel like stepping into a fantasy world – full of mystery, adventure, and the unknown. With these fantasy-inspired pick-up lines, you’re equipped to charm any prince, princess, elf, or sorcerer that crosses your path. Remember, the key to a magical connection lies not just in the words you use, but in the genuine emotion and enchantment behind them. So, wield these lines with care, and may your love story be as epic and timeless as the greatest fantasy tales ever told.