10 Signs He Will Never Leave You

10 Signs He Will Never Leave You

It doesn’t matter how reassuring your partner is, when you are emotionally involved with someone, it always comes with the fear of losing them. He might get bored of me someday! What if he’d find someone better? What if he’d left me? Such kinds of thoughts are quite common to pop up in your mind and ignoring them is not a permanent solution at all. 

Instead, you need to confront these fears by evaluating your thoughts and how true these could be! So after thoroughly discussing the very same topic with our relationship experts, below we have penned down 10 signs he will never leave you

Go through these points to put your soul and heart at peace so you can give your 100% in your relationship without the fear of getting ditched or hurt by the end. Believe us – if your mate shows even 7 of these loyalty signs, you’re lucky!

It doesn’t matter how busy a routine he has or how many things he has to do to make his day-to-day life sustainable, if he treats you as a priority by being responsive and all-time available, it shows her pure intentions towards you. On being with a guy who is interested in you, you don’t have to hook up to a string or wait for hours to get a reply to your text. 

Most of the time, he shows up in the first place to ask how’s everything going or if you need something. Not only this but he also won’t hesitate to cancel other plans for a one-on-one meetup with you – especially if you two haven’t hung out lately. 

On the other hand, if he’s always too busy to talk to you, stays unresponsive most of the time, or always needs multiple texts to give you some attention, it means he’s not much into you and might leave you on finding someone more interesting. 

It might be quite a normal thing for women to share their problems with their partners but men find it quite a big thing to discuss their struggles, especially with a woman, as it somehow hits their male ego. Similarly, a man who is not serious about the relationship will keep you at a distance from his everyday life and the hardships he’s facing in it. 

So if your boyfriend shares his problems with you, it means he trusts you to have a sneak peek into his real life and appreciates your suggestions. He takes the initiative to let you know even the most undesirable aspects of his life, including his insecurities and vulnerabilities because he doesn’t want you to leave him in the future for hiding such things. 

Does he love you the same in rough pajamas as he loves you in a beautiful sunny dress? Do you always have to put a layer of makeup on your face to conceal your imperfections? Remember that appreciating you when you are looking your ultimate best is not a big deal but if he adores you even in your lows, it means your boyfriend will never let you go.

It doesn’t matter how out of place your hair is or how swollen your face is after a good night’s sleep, you’ll always be beautiful in his eyes and you don’t always have to go the extra mile to improve your appearance. Whether you are looking like a well-groomed princess or a homeless person, you’ll always be his girl. 

Unlike girls, men don’t live in a dream world and plan exciting stuff with someone unless they are actually serious about them. So, if your man plans random future things that involve you as well, it’s an obvious sign he’ll never leave you. 

You don’t have to bring up the topic of commitment yourself as he’s the one who does so and discusses major life events like marriage, kids, home, etc. in a logistic and hopeful way. Even if he has not come up with a real marriage proposal, such plans indicate that he has already committed to a lifetime companionship with you in his mind. 

Similarly, if he mentions things he wants to do with you as a couple, places he wants to visit in the future, and most importantly, takes decisions by evaluating their impact on your love life, it also signals his interest in pursuing a future with you.

No relationship can go to massive heights without compromising so if your partner seems willing to compromise to keep you with him, it shows how invested he’s in this relationship. Instead of playing blame games or pressuring you to bow to his conveniences, a mature man works on finding a solution that works fine for both of you. 

From compromising, it doesn’t only mean to do something extra but even giving you a chance to present your perspective also counts. Likewise, he doesn’t leave the matter hanging in the middle but considers revisiting it over and over again with a cool mind to finally sort it out. 

While discussing a problem, he suggests options rather than imposing his demands on you. And most importantly, he doesn’t feel ashamed to apologize to save the relationship. All in all, if your man shows willingness, most of the time, to compromise, it means he never wants to leave you. 

A guy who is planning to stay with you will support you in every aspect of life and support every aspect of your personality. Whether you want to pursue a weird passion, change your career, resume your studies, or start your business, he’ll always be there encouraging you to fulfill your dreams. 

Likewise, he knows how to lift your mood and make you meet your full potential during your lows. Not only will he be there to celebrate your milestones but also lift you when you stumble over. If your man shows this level of companionship, it means he’s going to be with you in the long haul. 

As we mentioned before, a man who only wants to sleep with you or pass the time with you will keep you at bay from his personal life. It also includes acting completely strange in public or behaving like a friend, acquaintance, or colleague. In front of people, he won’t show love gestures like holding hands or opening doors – let alone introducing you as his girlfriend to his friends and family. 

So if your man doesn’t keep your relationship isolated and encourages you to make a strong relationship with his social circle, it means he is willing to commit to a long-term future with you. In addition to this, he won’t hesitate to show the love and respect he holds for you, in front of others. If your man does all these things, he’s surely a keeper. 

Relationships get dull after a while as both persons begin devaluing stuff like dates, quality time, hugs, reassuring words, appreciation, admiration, and greeting kisses. However, if your man, even after months of your relationship, does these things just to make you feel loved, it shows his consistent nature and devotion to make things work. 

A man who is committed to you will not only encourage open dialogues to understand your point of view but also put in extra effort in planning exciting stuff to keep the spark alive. He doesn’t wait for a special occasion to show his affection for you but does so on a regular basis which expresses his commitment to make your relationship strong and enduring. 

How does your partner behave when your relationship is on bad terms? Does he put his heart and soul into making things better? Does he get anxious over the thought of losing you? If so then congrats because he can never even imagine a life without you. 

The anxiety he feels at the thought of losing a relationship shows how valuable you are to him. He never takes you for granted and that’s why he tries to do everything in his power to keep things clear with you. Likewise, if your man feels threatened on seeing you in a crisis, it’s another sign he loves you. His anxious feelings about seeing you in trouble show his concerns and fears of losing you amidst the difficult times. 

Thus, in such a situation, his only focus is on evicting you from the crisis safely, without putting any good thing at risk. 

There are only two types of boyfriends; one who prioritizes your mental peace over everything else and doesn’t get irritated even when they have to reassure you a million times about their feelings. The other type of boyfriends – the toxic ones – are those who can’t spit reassuring words like I won’t leave you over and over again regardless of how much you need to hear those words. 

So if you have a type-I boyfriend, you are lucky because you have someone sincere enough to make you feel loved, respected, and needed. Even when you two have just fallen out of an argument, he will reassure you, both by his words and actions, that things are not going to end between you.